The perfect audio for your favourite movies!

Based in the beating heart of Milan, very close to the dynamic Corso Buenos Aires and near the peaceful Gardens 'Indro Montanelli',
Studio Raflesia Group is the ideal solution for all your dubbing and post-production needs.
Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Factual and Reality Shows, Videogames, Cartoons:
thanks to our long-lasting and rich experience, we create high quality products,
taking care of every detail: from translation to adaptation, from recording to mixing.
Our aim is to give you the best audio experience ever: whether you're our Client or the final consumer,
we imagine you in your living room, comfortably seated on your couch, watching your favorite movie or Tv series
dubbed in your own language. But without losing their authentic meaning.

Raflesia Group srl | Via Lecco, 6 - 20124 Milano (MI)