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What We Do

Our Studio can satisfy all your requests and needs related to audio.
Whether it is a Movie, a TV Series, a Cartoon, a Documentary, a Commercial, a Videogame or anything else,
here's a summary of our services.


•Translation and Adaptation from original scripts
•Lip-Sync, Simil-Sync and Voice Over Dubbing
•Multilingual Dubbing (European, Asian, Middle-Eastern)


•Creation of original soundtracks with unreleased songs specifically written
•Creation of original soundtracks drawing from the best international Libraries
•Complete voicing for audiovisual products
•Creation of M/E tracks in:
-Digital Surround 5.1
-Dolby Digital 5.1
-Dolby Digital EX 6.1
-DTS 5.1
-DTS ES 6.1
-DTS HD 7.1
•Sound processing of old audio tracks, from Mono or Stereo to Multichannels
•Old audio tracks' cleaning and regenerationing
•Multichannels audio tracks Restoring


•Audio tracks Synchronisation
•Synchronisation with compression or time expansion


•Digital Mixing with Pro Tools® systems
•Disc Burning for DVDs and CDs

Mixing in:
•Surround 5.1

Encoding in:
•D.D. 5.1
•D.D EX 6.1
•DTS 5.1
•DTS ES 6.1
•DTS HD 7.1


•Multilingual Subtitles (European, Asian, Middle-Eastern)
•Subtitles for hearing-impaired
•Subtitles in the following formats: .srt, .stl, .xml, .dfxp, .txt
•Creation of DubCards
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